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From time to time I've gotten email regarding things on this site.  Most are pretty funny, and all are unbeliveably kind.  So I decided to put a few of them here.  If you see something you wrote, and wish it removed, or want to be completely credited, just email.  Same thing goes if you wish to leave feedback of your own.

  • Hope:
    • Very cool track.  Howling analog cats and Bible verses.  I really like the sound of it, though perhaps some may find it too digital-y for this list?  Nice work -- Dxx
    • Hello Eric, I just wanted to say I finally downloaded the hope.mp3. I can't recall; exactly where it was where you posted the link (was it AH?), but I realy...no...REALLY enjoyed the listen. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing..... Cheers, and happy patching, Axxxxx Sxxxxxx
    • Hey - As an ESQ fanatic that bell sound was easily recognizable;in fact I've used it as a starting point for a whole bunch of patches :). The text is from the Bible, I can't be more specific than that as I don't know squat about such things. Seems to be about death and marriage :). Anyway, it's a very nice piece, the dismembered voices and spoken word blend well with the music itself - it's creepy - like the Bible ;) - s----
  • It Can't Be Undone:
    • Two words in my brain after listening to It Can't Be Undone: "spaghetti" and "western".  But in a good way.  I like the tune.  At first, it sounded a bit dolorous, like a sad Eastern European clarinet number.  I think it is those ovation flourishes that leave me with the final impression - Dxxxx Gxxxxx
  • Nordic Adventure:
    • [The voiceover was fed through a chorus (probably), then into a Gorilla guitar amp which had been spraypainted Ace Hardware Empire Green and was sitting in 2" of water in a bathtub] Why the water? I enjoyed the track - especially the first 75%... The part starting with "Santa's frozen Christmas land" is truly horrible! Thank you for sharing! -- Jxxxxx
    • [Why the water? Why not!] My favorite element to the song is the quality of the vocal. Almost sounds like a sample from an old sci-fi movie. Grungy, but not harsh, faded but not muted, human but not readily perceptible. The best part is that it is not a sample! I am working on industrial sounds and puzzled over how to handle the vocals. I have a crummy Fender amp - maybe I'll give that a try...Thanks for the idea! - Jxxxxx
    • Pretty funny -- I have to agree with his review, the end of the tune is pretty awful. Did you ever post to that analog synth newsgroup with the x-eleven website? I'd be interested to hear some feedback from those folks, and it would be applicable since there are tons of analog synths on those tracks -- Gxxx